Final Major Project – Evaluation


Collecting my visual research I used a various selection of resources. I found myself flicking through Vogue, Dazed, Harpers Bazaar magazine’s for inspiration which helped a lot too, and referred back to, it also offered many high-quality images which I stuck down in my sketchbook as general theme research. Other resources I referred to were, Pinterest, WGSN, Designspiration, Online Dazed, Artnet and many more references which I referred to in detail, on my blog. Responding to the research I collected, I used a large range of mixed media techniques to experiment with. This including, biro and hairspray, water and ink, collage, fine liners, Copic markers, pencils, watercolours, coloured pencils, aqua brush and dyes. I think these drawing techniques fitted perfectly in my sketchbook as I wanted it to show how diverse my style can be.


I looked at an Italian artist named Rotella which I thought linked nicely with some of the distressed wall images. I instantly fell in love with his work. He’s well known for his works of collage and psychographics, made from torn advertising posters, featuring 1950’s iconic Hollywood stars. The artist uses posters, commercial billboards and ripped paper in his work. He’s inspired by an up-to-date theme of graffiti and like a graffiti artist, he would express his political views, messages through his billboards and posters.

The atmosphere set from Rotella’s is very interesting. The iconic stars are normally presented as the epitome of beautiful people. But in my opinion, he’s advertising the stars in a different way as the images are distressed, worn and looked like they’ve been decaying. This could connote Rotella having a secret message behind the posters, meaning that these people are not perfect just because they are huge stars. For this reason, I think his work gives off a somber mood as it’s showing idols as imperfect.

I love Rotella’s style of work I think they’re vibrant, graphic, suggestive, contemplative, dramatic and bold. The textured surfaces fit perfectly with my theme and also the pictures I’ve already taken for primary research.


Using inspiration from the fishermen’s rope I started to think about the materials I would have to use to represent this. I started off using a small sketch to add samples to, I thought this would be an ideal size as I thought I could experiment a lot more in a smaller scale. This materials I used in this sketchbook was, thread, wool, embroidley thread and different liquid based media to draw with throughout the book.

I also loved using Rotella as one of my main inspirations as I thought his techniques were really effective and easy to create. I used this technique throughout my main sketchbook, I also drew fashion templates which cut out the shape of the garment so you could see the textured surface behind. Another technique which I had found during this project would be weave. I firstly practised with smaller samples, then decided to create one at larger scale, which I then hand stitched into a halter neck.

Through out the whole Project I feel although i’ve experimented mostly with wool, I really enjoyed creating colour pallets out of them and using different sized knitting needles to make different patterns. I also thought the knitwear I made matched perfectly with the colour pallet from the weave top.



My ideas have generated from various types of inspiration, such as wsgn, photography, trends, eras, fisherman net, recycling, textures at many more. I feel as though my skills have developed through out this project, and feel more confident in the fashion subject area. Using my initial sketchbook and small sketchbook I have roughly sketched many garment ideas, with my main influence being 70s style tops (halter necks etc) designing a plain structure out of textures.

The weave top idea originally developed from the smaller weave sample. I sketched out different places I could potentially use the samples on clothing, which gave my my idea of making the halter neck which I sculptured around a model. I think the surface textures I created had developed as I kept testing with Rotella’s techniques and progression.


I really liked the idea of focusing on connections between different materials, fabrics, paper, wool, recyled materials and many more. Rather than recreating a typical spiders web, thinking about how I could construct different textures together in numerous ways. As Primary research I looked into different abounded and distressed areas of Newcastle. There was a fisherman’s boat at the quayside which had a huge bundle of fishermens net tangled together in a web like way. The colours turquoise, blue, and yellow stood out for me the most in the net, so selected these as my final colour pallet for my garment.

Throughout the Project I used many samples including hand knit, machine knit, weave, distressing denim and paper. I thought that the weave was a really interesting texture and eye pleasing so I decided to create a bigger scale using rope. The Materials used included recycled mesh shower sponge, recycled denim, recycled fruit bags, recycled bracelets, recycled shower bag, recycled fabrics, ribbon, sequins, embroidery thread, wool, sewing thread, beads, knitted wool material and many more.

I think this garment shows have versatile I can be, as I didn’t use a pattern, just my design. I wasn’t sure completely how I would secure the weave together but I hand stitched the bottom and the top, gathering it in at the neck and the waist.


Setting up for my final show, I wanted to focus on presenting my best work in the best way that i could. I started with flicking through my sketchbook selecting pieces I thought stood out the most, and represented the project well. I also looked through many pictures from last year foundation students as it gave me an idea of scale and balance. I thought it was ideal to select, 2 mood boards, 2 fashion illustrations, 3 sample boards, 5 photography images, All 5 sketchbooks, 1 portfolio and 6 garments to display.


Throughout final major project I have learnt many different techniques, creative skills, digital skills, and practical. I think my work has met the brief that I set myself, which I feel proud about. I have not only made a small collection but gathered and generated lots of fashion ideas and sketches. My main improvements would be working fast pace and not worry about being messy about my development work.

I feel although it’s much beneficial to join as many idea down as possible then select and refine the ideas after. If I had more time on this project I would have included more digital ideas, flats, fashion illustration, machine hand knitting I have really enjoyed my time on the course and I feel that my work has developed hugely this year, it’s prepared and made me feel more confident to progress onto higher education.


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