Final Major Project – Week 8

This week I dedicated to finish off all my garments, as I’ve been focusing a lot on hand knit, I thought I’d experiment with something different. I selected, an off the shoulder net top, a boob tube and halter next, to create using knit.

I thought this was a difficult task to complete as I had not used hand knit before. I researched a lot on youtube and pinterest on how to create different knitting patterns, for the loose tension knit I was going for.


Final Major Project – Week 7

This week was dedicated to completing my textured weave halter neck. Throughout the Project I’ve used many fabric samples including hand knit, machine knit, weave, distressing denim and paper. I thought that the weave was a really interesting texture and visually pleasing so I decided to create a bigger scale using rope. The Materials used included recycled mesh shower sponge, recycled denim, recycled fruit bags, recycled bracelets, recycled shower bag, recycled fabrics, ribbon, sequins, embroidery thread, wool, sewing thread, beads, knitted wool material and many more.

I think this garment shows have versatile I can be, as I didn’t use a pattern, just my design. I wasn’t sure completely how I would secure the weave together but I hand stitched the bottom and the top, gathering it in at the neck and the waist.


Final Major Project – Week 5

This week I started to create my samples. I started off using the knitting machine at college. i found out that it wasn’t quite the texture I was going for. I wanted my knit to have much more of a loose net-like stretchy give to it, which I couldn’t get from the machine, so I started to hand knit some samples.

Using a fine knitting needle paired with a bigger knitting needle, I created more of a messy net-like effect. The colours which I worked were blues, turquoise, and yellow inpsired by the fisherman’s fishing net. Through out my design work I used inspiration from the structure of basic t-shirt, then added some sort of distressed texture to it.