Final Major Project – Week 4

This week my main focus was to finish off my mini a4 sketchbooks, a primary research book, then to start developing my own design sketches. I decided to dedicate one of my mini square books for quick design development, sampling, and experiments.

I thought it thought it would be a great way to jot down lots of quick ideas through different mediums including, the biro and hairspray technique, samples, rough flats out of different materials, pencil and watercolours. In my opinion, this is one of my favourite books as I think it’s very unusually, I love the sketchiness of it, and communicates my concept perfectly. The sketchbook was mainly inspired by Faustine Steinmetz, But I’d also taken parts of inspiration from fisherman’s fishing nets which I visited in my general research. I really loved the colour pallet in this. I used netlike bags which were wrapped around fruit you’d find at a supermarket, which worked very well as it represented the net perfectly. I also layered up this material with the denim.





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